nutrition expertise for infants to teens

Dr Fiona Arrowsmith, PhD, is a paediatric Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) with 24 years of experience treating a wide range of medical conditions.

From optimising your child’s health through nutrition to fussy eating, food allergies, eating disorders, tube feeding plans and more, Fiona can work closely with your child’s medical and allied health professionals to achieve the optimum outcome.


Is your child getting enough?
Managing mealtime stress.
How to broaden your child’s variety of food.
Addressing growth concerns.
Responsive Feeding Therapy for ARFID.

Child and Teenage Nutrition

Managing appetite and growth with ADHD.
Nutrition to optimise concentration and learning.
Keeping up with your rapidly growing, active teenager’s requirements while also maintaining a healthy intake.
Are supplements like protein powders good to use?


Food allergies and intolerances.
Medically diagnosed gastrointestinal disorders, e.g. Coeliac Disease, IBS.
Vegan and vegetarian eating.
Vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

NDIS and

Blended Tube Feeding.
Managing tube feeding and tube weaning.
Optimising nutrition for children with complex health care needs.
Gastrointestinal concerns such as reflux, constipation and diarrhoea.

Healthy Recipes, Nutrition Tips and Facts

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Ollie has made significant progress! He’s had a handful of vomits since we reduced his feeds which in itself is so great! He hasn’t had his tube replaced in 2 weeks. And, all of a sudden he’s really interested in food! He’s reaching for food, having little tastes of puree without gagging, sucking on carrots, bones, banana chips etc. He is having little drinks of water too.  It’s a complete turnaround for him and really encouraging to see! Thanks so much for your input! I’m not exaggerating to say it’s been life-changing already! To cut out the vomiting is amazing!! (I don’t usually use so many exclamation marks either!).

Mother of a 15-month-old NGT fed client

Fiona has been our saving grace. We have been based with the hospital since Harry was born so moving from the public system to Fiona’s practice has been the best thing for Harry’s care.  It helps when she understands first-hand the struggles and frustrations we have had in the public system. We are now getting the personalised support he needs. Being able to call or email Fiona outside of our appointments and get a direct response has been amazing. The one-on-one support and guidance have been exactly what we were missing at the hospital. Thank you for your continued support Fiona.

Mother of a 3-year-old with a feeding tube

We consulted Dr Fiona Arrowsmith for my teenage son (13 years) to see if he was getting all the nutrition needed. We mainly had a vegetarian diet and wasn’t sure if this was enough for my growing son. We had an initial consultation with Fiona and found her to be an expert in this area. She gave us an excellent plan and what exactly needs to be in my son’s diet. Since then we’ve had great results. Thank you Fiona for your guidance and expertise.

Mother of a 13-year-old boy with poor growth

benefits for mum and dad

Fiona can help alleviate any stress and anxiety you might be feeling about your child’s intake and/or growth and together come up with personalised strategies and a plan tailored to suit you and your child’s needs.

Fiona can help you turn stressful meal times into a happier family time together, and help your child to enjoy eating.